Preparation Day 2


Welcome to your second preparation day for your spiritual journey. For your spiritual exercise today, we will take the time necessary to prayerfully and reflectively read one of the four Gospels. Many of us have never taken the time to listen to Jesus’ story by reading, prayerfully from start to finish, one of the four accounts left for us by the early followers. Only read one of the Gospels, but read it reflectively and prayerfully in a place of restful solitude. This place can be at home or some other favorite place you love to be alone in peace and quiet. Perhaps it will be your place of prayer for these next four weeks to allow Jesus to reveal your Sacred Story. Which Gospel should you read?


+ St. Matthew writes to convince the Jews that Jesus is indeed the promised Messiah, the Davidic King, foretold by the prophets.


+ St. Mark reveals Jesus as the true Son of God Who suffered and died to achieve complete victory over sickness, sin, and death.


+ St. Luke, the physician, writes to reveal Jesus as the promise and hope of the poor and the weak.


+ St. John, the mystic, reveals Jesus as the Logos, the Word of God, Who, with the Father, pre-existed creation and is the One who will save us.


Read the Gospel that immediately speaks to your heart at this time in your life. Don’t rush your reading of the Gospel. There is no hurry. Relish the Story of the One Who created you and through His birth, life, passion, death, and resurrection has offered you eternal life through the forgiveness of your sins.

Jesus is real and wants to become part of your daily life. He wants a relationship with you. He waits to be your hope, your forgiveness, and your peace. Open your heart to Him as you read His SACRED STORY.

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