Help and FAQ - What to do in case of a roadblock.


When you have questions, refer back to the daily course structure. Each day/week will have different exercises but the schedule for your day will be the same for the ten weeks of the True Heart course. A downloadable PDF of the daily course structure is in this section along with the download for the True Daily Log Book to help you keep track of your spiritual, discernment journey.


Because you are doing a serious spiritual journey, expect the one St. Ignatius calls “the enemy of human nature” to try and disrupt your commitment. He has ways of doing it designed uniquely for each one of us based on our fears and weaknesses. Just realize you are “being played” and keep moving forward. Your heart will become peaceful soon when you resist the temptations of the enemy.

Also, if you are doing this with a cohort of other men discerning a vocation to diocesan priesthood, reach out to them for support. The friendship you will develop with them and with Christ Jesus will be a true blessing for you. We need that encouragement to simply complete the process that will carry you through this course and hopefully to clarity on your vocation. Just keep trying and remember: Do Not Be Afraid!

TRUE HEART Daily Course Structure.pdf
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