"Sacred Story Affirmations provides a beautiful ritual project by which each of us can affirm what is best inside us. As a person who meditates and prays every morning, I will use these affirmations in my ritual process. Others can use them in any moment of happy solitude or personal focus. Teens and growing children can benefit greatly from this book, as well. Fr. Watson has gifted the world with a unique approach to the spiritual process of discernment. Highly recommended!

Michael Gurian, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Wonder of Boys, The Wonder of Girls and The Wonder of Aging.

In this beautiful little volume Rev. William Watson guides us to faith and strength and love, especially at moments when we may lose connection with those God-given qualities of our nature. Christian in expression, absolutely ecumenical in spirit, Affirmations uplifts our soul when we most need that.

Gabor Maté M.D. Author: The Myth of Normal - Trauma, Sickness & Healing in a Toxic Culture

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